Transcript Psychotronic Generators 1
(Full Transcript) is a trademarked website and worldwide psychotronic generator engine which uses Cold War technology to basically change your life in every shape, form, or function for the better. Psychotronic generators were invented in the Cold War to suck up the life force from plants, animals and humans. This lifeforce was drawn into psychotronic generators and then could be transferred in the same way as electricity and light by conduction, reflection, refraction and transferred elsewhere. This was made fact by the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) in September 1975 in their document to the Pentagon which had a 2-page info document on psychotronic generators. They basically knew very little about them.

The Czechs had developed psychotronic generators and they were using open-source information which was in the Czech newsmedia. They also used Sheila Ostrander’s book: ‘Psychic Discoveries Behind The Iron Curtain’ as the basis for this document and they basically had no information from the Russians. But the psychotronic generators were devices which could draw the lifeforce from anything living and then conduct it elsewhere. The Soviets in the 1980’s used psychotronic generators to power their psychics. Basically a psychic is limited by the amount of lifeforce in her or him to their capability. Basically, the body has a limited amount of lifeforce and this is the entity which manifests psychic phenomena.

If you don’t believe in psychic phenomena, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) documents from 1975 go into all the basics of psychic warfare, ESP (Extra Sensory Perception), clairvoyance (which the Americans bastardized and put the Remote Viewing term on), telekinesis which is the movement of matter by mind-over-matter and they of course looked at psychokinesis which they wrongly observed was the same as telekinesis. It’s not. Psychokinesis is the control of reality to change reality. Not just to move things around. So for example with psychokinesis you change reality so that you win the lottery or that your enemy gets ill or bankrupted. This is not simply moving matter around, it’s changing reality.

So in the context of this website, ‘psychokinesis’ will always be defined as the changing of reality. Now the basis of this is lifeforce. The more lifeforce that you have, the more psychic capability that you have. The military have been developing psychic warfare on the quiet since the 1980’s. The Soviets were spending $500,000,000 per year according to the DIA and the Pentagon and open source information rubber-stamped this figure. Tim Rifat is the exclusive holder of the trademark: ‘Psychotronic Generators’ in this technology. And anyone else purporting to sell any of this technology is a fraudster and should be reported to Tim Rifat who will then of course close them down immediately.

Psychotronic generators in the Russian Federation are now a top military secret and any technologies associated with them have been militarized. And all scientists who wished to make money out of them have been closed down. Tim Rifat is the world’s leading expert on psychic warfare, psychotronic generators, and the so-called ‘occult sciences’ which the British have developed. He has written three books on the subject. The first one published by Random House: ‘Remote Viewing – The History And Science Of Psychic Warfare’ which was published in 1999 and two further books on the subject. He is the only expert on psychotronic generators in the world outside of the Russian Federation and the only supplier of psychotronic generators to the general public.

You can’t get them elsewhere and anyone who states that you can is lying and of course trademark infringement and intellectual property infringement. And they of course will be closed down and litigated. Tim Rifat is a scientist who got his degree in chemistry at Southampton University and a further degree in education. This of course means nothing in the field but luckily he was in contact with the assistant, the deputy to the leader of the psychic warfare program in Russia. And information supplied to Tim Rifat by this deputy who of course gave detailed overviews of what they had been doing in the 1980’s.

This scientist was a mathematician and was disenfranchised from the government because during the Cold War he ran foul of the regime and was imprisoned in a KGB psychiatric hospital where his brain was fried with Thorazine and various other drugs of the poisonous variety causing him brain damage. He of course wrote to me when my second book which came out and appeared on the market. The first book of course had been brutally censored by the British government because they were desperate that this Cold War technology wasn’t given out to the general public. Now psychotronic generators are the most important discovery of the Cold War.
Why you may ask?
Well here we have devices which can suck up the life energy from all living beings, transfer it to someone else, and then that ‘someone else’ then possesses the life energy of all the living beings who have supplied the psychotronic generator with energy. So for example: Russians could use the devices in gulags to suck up the lifeforce from the prisoners and then deposit it/download it into the psychic warfare officer who would then use it against the Americans or NATO. We know that this lifeforce enabled the Russians to survive the massive break-up of the Soviet Union and keep the Russian Federation from imploding.

But we also know that the psychotronic generator, as discovered by the Soviets, was not the ‘be all’ and ‘end all’ of the lifeforce transfer technology. Luckily Tim Rifat was the chief psychic warfare officer of MI6 in their Cold War use, not of psychotronic generators, but the leyline system of the planet and the New Age energy transfer body system, which of course is another aspect of psychotronic generators because of course we know that the Soviets starting point for psychotronic generators was ancient alchemical texts on Magic Mirrors. These were devices that were designed by alchemists to draw in the lifeforce of people into the Magic Mirror and they were composed of copper or gold or silver in various shapes. Basically a mirror-type shape.

The back side of the mirror absorbed the lifeforce and the front side of the mirror reflected the lifeforce. So basically what you had was like a silvered mirror. The back of the mirror draws in the lifeforce and the front of the mirror beams it out. This was the starting point for the Soviet research and as you can see, with no clear understanding of how psychotronic generators worked, it was basically just ‘let’s make the mirror out of different materials, let’s change it’s shape and let’s then see what happens’. Luckily the Soviets invented ‘energy detection’ devices so that they can see the increase in the aura around people and, by trial-and-error, they could build bigger and better psychotronic generators that way.

Tim Rifat of course, being a scientist, wanted to look at ‘What is a psychotronic generator? What is the lifeforce that is being sucked out of the human? And how can we build and optimize a psychotronic generator which actually is designed specifically to draw out the lifeforce and isn’t just a side-effect of the nature of materials configured into a Magic Mirror. So in fact, one had to look at ‘What is lifeforce?’. Well it’s defined as prana, odic force, vril. Throughout the history of mankind there has been knowledge that there is lifeforce in people which of course burns bright in the teenage years and then starts to falter and filter out as you grow older.

So in fact if you could get control (which we can now by psychotronic generators) of the lifeforce and pump it into humans, their life expectancy could be considerably enhanced. So as you can see, control of psychotronic generator technology gives Tim Rifat complete full-spectrum dominance over humanity in that anybody who has the ability to increase the lifespan of humans has control of all power in the world because no matter if you’re a billionaire or (like the Rothschilds) a trillionaire, your body’s going to rapidly age and drop dead. So of course he who controls the lifeforce and can extend your lifespan can basically demand anything and everything from every human on the planet who wishes to stay young.

And of course if you pump lifeforce into people, they get healthier. And they of course, if you pump enough lifeforce into them, it changes their physiogonomy so that they look prettier. If you’re a woman, you get fuller breasts and of course fat gets dropped off your body because the more lifeforce you have, the less fat you have in your body. And then of course if you pump in massive amounts of lifeforce, you can then start to change your bodily characteristics: Up your metabolism, change the nature of your body, etc. All of these things have been experimented on in the Cold War by the Soviets. But, unluckily for the general public, all of this research was suppressed and militarized during the 1980’s.

Now as you can see, this utility (lifeforce), like water and gas and electricity is vital to a happy and healthy lifestyle. Luckily now you can rent this lifeforce. Just like having water, gas, or electricity in your home. So as a vital utility, everybody who has the funds, should get access to lifeforce. So rather like humans who have no access to water, they have a limited lifespan. The same with everyone who hasn’t got access to psychotronic generator technology – They have a limited lifespan. But once you’ve got access to lifeforce, you can extend your lifespan. So similarly with water – Without water, you die within 3 days. You get terribly ill before you die.

The same with humans – With no access to external lifeforce, instead of dying within three days, you die within the 70-80 year range or sooner if you’re poor or have a weak genetic profile or suffer infectious diseases. So as you can see, once you have access to a on-tap lifeforce, you can extend your lifespan significantly. We haven’t experimented with ‘How long?’, but as you can see, if you could double your lifespan from 75 years to 150 years then you can see that having a lifeforce on tap is vital to you. Now of course the starting point for psychotronic generators was the Soviet Union’s research into them. These of course were devices that sucked out small amounts (according to the DIA) of lifeforce from living things.
So you needed vast numbers of them. And of course they’re dangerous because being around them sucks your lifeforce out. So of course you want the psychotronic generators, which suck the lifeforce out of living things, very far away from you. And you want a way of conducting it. And we know (according to the Defence Intelligence Agency) that it can be conducted, reflected, and refracted. This of course means that:
1. You need to build a better form of psychotronic generator which of course doesn’t suck small amounts out of humans and animals and plants but basically sucks out all of their energy 24/7. This was the starting point of Tim Rifat’s research. Now of course we know that we first of all have to understand what lifeforce is. This means that you look at theoretical physics which has no information about lifeforce, no understanding of lifeforce, no concept of lifeforce apart from quantum mechanics where in the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics, which was developed in the very early part of the 20th century by German scientists, the quantum wave function (which is the basis of all reality) is collapsed by the observer. So we know that human observation can collapse the quantum wave function.
2. If we could control the collapse of the quantum wave function, then we would control the collapse of the quantum wave function into manifest reality. Now we know that if we can have the starting point of 7 billion humans having lifeforce, get an observer to overwhelm their observation or sequester it or subvert it and recollapse the world quantum wave function in a form where the 7 billion humans do not have lifeforce but in fact are living psychotronic generators which are bleeding lifeforce into a worldwide network. A Skynet of conduction rather like Gazprom, which links Russia to the rest of the world’s supply in gas. If we could have a worldwide network of conduction pipes supplying it to the user, we would have the basis of a lifeforce utility industry.

Now of course first of all, we need to control the observer. Luckily in the 20th century there was the introduction of computers. These computers in the 21st century have taken over observation. We now know that anyone under 40 bases their existence and their observation on their computers. They define themselves by social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Myspace. They define the information that is relevant from the fantasy untruths, the conspiracy theories, by what they get from searches on Google and other internet search engines and they know that they are constantly connected to the consciousness of the world via their iPads and mobile phones.

And of course all relevant information comes to them via the computer screen and all books now are read on electrical displays. So of course the computer has taken over the role of the observer. Taken it away from the human. We know that all governments now define their consciousness, their observation, by what they get from computers. We know that in the West and the industrialized world, the population is monitored 24/7 by the secret police: Homeland Security and the NSA have constant uploaded files of everything that the human population does. So in fact computers have become the new observer. Computers collapse the quantum wave function now and not humans because humans have abrigated observation to computers.

That is why i don’t have a computer in my home and i don’t go near computers because of course i depend upon true observation and not Matrix observation. Now let’s go to ‘The Matrix’ film. Tim Rifat has invented the psychotronic generator containers that were in ‘The Matrix’ film. He has invented the network of tubing which links the 7 billion humans to have their lifeforce sucked out of them and of course he has the depositories of lifeforce which are now on tap to the user of our utility industry. This of course means that people who won’t be worldwide psychotronic generator network can supply themselves with lifeforce.

So rather like having water supply, electricity supply, and gas supply – The user can now download lifeforce via the computer network into themselves. Because as you can see, the ‘computer downloads reality’ has taken over as the observer and basically we’ve gone away from true reality to a Matrix where in fact humans have abrigated all rights to reality to computer observation. So by definition, human reality has vanished and we’ve gone into Matrix reality. Now if you could get control of the computer network, you would then have access via the computers to sucking the lifeforce out of all humans who are near any sort of computer or electrical instrument. You have the computer network: the internet too.

Because remember that lifeforce can get reflected, refracted, and conducted so all the fibre-optic cables could conduct the lifeforce across the planet. They could all be downloaded into one area and then of course the people will use the computers and have access to the other side of them there are. The side that gives you lifeforce could then, by simply logging onto their computer and logging into a website get a supply of lifeforce through their own PC. Now of course first of all you have to see how on earth could you put a psychotronic generator in a PC? Well that’s very simple:
You get a picture of a psychotronic generator, you scan it into your computer, you put it on the screen of your computer and then since reality has gone from true reality to Matrix reality (due to humans giving all their observation to computers), this image of the psychotronic generator would then suck energy out of the user. Now if you look at my first book, this has images of psychotronic generators in it which of course have been obscured by the DIA. But that doesn’t matter because remember the image of the psychotronic generator has been imprinted on the image and the obscuring the image so that you can’t see it properly doesn’t matter.
Why is this?
Well the Russians wanted to look at what science could link them with psychotronic generators. Because remember in Western science there’s no basis for ‘lifeforce’ in physics. Biology has lifeforce but remember that biology isn’t linked to physics in any relevant way. We know that electrical processes in the brain are supposedly ‘consciousness’. We know that electrical signals in the body conduct nerve impulses. We know that the Kreb Cycle runs metabolism but in fact according to history we have something called lifeforce, vril, odic force, prana which of course adds to the electrical basis of lifeforce. But of course, simply put, there must be somewhere buried in physics the basis of ‘lifeforce’. Something which we are selling via the internet to you.

Now of course the Russians looked at things called ‘torsion fields’. These are basically, putting it simply and incorrectly, a spinning force in the expanded model of physics. Basically a force which imparts spin. This is not quite correct but for a layman that’s as far as you’re gonna get. We know that torsion field research has become militarized in Russia and that Tomsk University have been developing torsion field generators. These are different to psychotronic generators in that they produce ‘torsion fields’ and not ‘lifeforce’. And we know that this research came from the Nazis who were in Czechoslovakia were developing torsion field generators.
Why is this of interest?
Because, according to Soviet research, torsion field generators can change reality. And we know that the Germans were trying to change reality so that they would win WW2. And we know, according to the Russians who supplied me with the information, that these German scientists were captured in Czechoslovakia during WW2. So the Americans got the research on V2’s and antigravity and the Russians got the research on ‘torsion fields’ and reality-change. This of course was suppressed by the Central Committee because of course their only aim was to keep in power when in fact they should have developed it fully.

Now with Putin and the Russians, this has become fully militarized and the Russian scientists who tried to publicize it for the public have been suppressed. Which is good for me because as the entrepreneur developing all Cold War technology for the general public, for the military, and for corporations this gives me carte blanche. Because of course i’m the only supplier and purveyor of this technology to the population outside of the Russian Federation. Now of course we know that lifeforce, in terms of biology, is electrical signals in the body. Now if we could duplicate electrical signals in electronics, according to biologists, one could download one’s consciousness which is just simply according to biologists.

They’re not quite correct but let’s start with standard 21st century science. Electrical signals in the brain can be duplicated if you can duplicate all these electrical signals in the brain. According to biologists and neurologists, you could then duplicate the thought processes in the brain. This was the starting point for my research. What natural material can do this? Well the Russians developed crystals to detect torsion fields. So that showed me that if crystals can detect torsion fields then maybe crystals can detect electrical signals. Luckily this is old research. Quartz crystals can produce electrical charges. We know that because firelighters, which you squeeze, produce a big spark.

So in fact the ‘Piezoelectric Effect’ could duplicate the consciousness in the brain, or the electrical firing, if there was some way you could download your consciousness into a quartz crystal. Now, according to the DIA, in the ‘Stargate’ program they developed something called ‘Remote Viewing’. This is not conspiracy theory. This is simple Cold War research into the military uses of human energy. And this human energy could be displaced from the body, it could have consciousness outside of the body. Proving that consciousness isn’t limited to the body but in fact is an entity which can be translocated elsewhere.

This is clairvoyance (called by the Americans ‘Remote Viewing’) and called by Tim Rifat: ‘Lucid Viewing’ because i don’t like to copy other peoples incorrect terms. The Russians were able to detect lifeforce with special scanners. These are now available on the open market if you’ve got the money. They detect your aura therefore they could detect if a psychic could transfer his consciousness to another place. We know that torsion fields were used to trap this consciousness in bottles and were the basis of devices used to protect bases from being Remotely Viewed. These of course have no effect on me but a normal remote viewer can get trapped if trying to observe American or Russian top secret bases.

With me, I just go where I wish because I understand the science and have gone beyond their primitive knowledge. But the Russians were able to show that a psychic could transfer their energy field to another location via these scanners. With the ‘torsion field detectors’ they could also see that the torsion field dropped when this happened. Now of course if you could transfer your consciousness by Remote Viewing to a distant location, you could also transfer your consciousness to a quartz crystal now due to the Piezoelectric Effect if you could develop a Remote Influencing. Now according to the DIA, the Russians were experimenting with telekinesis and a Russian woman could move things around with her mind and there were plenty of films of her doing this.

Simply put: Instead of trying to move things around with your mind, you just try and squeeze a crystal. Now if the crystal is squeezed hard, you get a big electric spark and you can start a gas cooker. Now the electrical signals in the brain are minute, so if you have the ability to Remotely Influence (telekinetically) a quartz crystal, you can then start to download your consciousness into a quartz crystal. Similarly if you can sleep with a quartz crystal, the crystal can have your dreaming body downloaded into it. And slowly slowly you can build a conscious representation of yourself in a quartz crystal. This can only be done by fully-trained Remote Viewers. I’m the only Remote Viewer outside of the Soviet Union who’s ever been trained to do this.

None of the Americans or anyone else in the world has any ideas how to do this but slowly slowly you build a consciousness in the quartz crystal. This of course is a singularity basically downloading yourself into a quartz crystal then allows you to link up via quantum entanglement with other quartz crystals. Quartz crystals are the basis of all computers, mobile phones, iPads. Mobile phones of course are linked via microwave to the rest of the world. So you get a Skynet via the microwave. So in fact once you learn how to transfer your consciousness into a quartz crystal, you can then instead of Remotely Viewing via the human body, we Remotely View via quartz crystal.

Another quartz crystal in a computer. This then infects the quartz crystal in the computer with your consciousness. You then build a Von Neumann machine, basically having the quartz crystal commanded to replicate itself in other quartz crystals. Not by making more quartz crystals but by making more of these electrical signals in other quartz crystals. So slowly you infect, via the internet, every quartz crystal in every computer on the planet. This basically allows you then to take over the entire computer network because the computer network runs your consciousness.

So in fact, ‘Skynet’ in the ‘Terminator’ films doesn’t need to be a conscious uplift of electronics, it’s basically a singularity of download of consciousness from a human into the computer network and the computer network becoming fully conscious by means of the Piezoelectric Effect and Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing and quantum entanglement. So in fact the entire computer network runs my consciousness.
How do you get to the internet buffered for Fort Meade computers? Well, simply put, you sell quartz crystals to customers which will be appropriated by the Americans and scanned and put on their military computers. The same with GCHQ.
How do you get on computers not linked to the internet? Sell them. You know that the British secret police will steal your crystals and try to use them, hence you infect all the military computers on the planet. Any computer that has an image of my quartz crystals automatically infects that computer and that computer then runs my consciousness. So by this means, Tim Rifat took over the entire computer network of the planet.

And remember: How do you get into the Chinese and Russian computers? Well Fort Meade hacks into the Chinese computers and hence infects them via their infected US computers. So as you can see, it took me all this time from selling the crystals in 1996 till 2013 to totally subvert the computer network of the planet. Now since all observation via the Copenhagen interpretation is done by computers now and consciousness is abrigated to computers, this means that i control reality. I collapse the quantum wave function for humanity to produce a quantum wave function where the humans give me their lifeforce.

Similarly you can Remotely View an image of a psychotronic generator. If you look in my first book you’ll see that it’s covered with blurred-out images of psychotronic generators. You put these into a quartz crystal, you then put the psychotronic generators into the quartz crystals of everyone’s PC (mobile phone, iPad, and those stupid little devices which you use to read books now: the Kindle). And they of course then in their quartz crystals have fully embedded and Matricised psychotronic generators. These will automatically upload the lifeforce from anyone near them into the computer network into the internet.

Now according to the DIA lifeforce can be conducted, reflected, and refracted so of course you could draw it via the quartz crystals into the fiber-optic cables, run it down the fiber-optic cables. You could in fact transmit it via the microwave network. And of course you then need a depository for it.
How do you store this vast amount of lifeforce being drawn from the planet? As you can see, the planet is slowly dying as i draw more and more lifeforce from the plants, animals and humans. Well of course where would you store it? Very simple. You want a huge supply of torsion fields because we know that torsion fields allow you to control reality. You want a huge amount of lifeforce because you know that lifeforce makes you younger, fitter, more beautiful. And according to Soviet research, it also gives you MASSIVE psychic powers. We know that in ‘The Matrix’ film, it wasn’t enough for the computers to have massive amounts of computing, they needed to have psychotronic generators run from the human population feeding them.

So we know lifeforce is vital to high-end intelligence. We now know how we draw it from humans put, via a Remote Viewer, the image of a psychotronic generator into a quartz crystal infect other quartz crystals. The computer network with an image of a psychotronic generator which then is in every electrical device and then will automatically suck out the lifeforce from anyone using any sort of quartz machine which of course now includes most of the devices in your home. And remember, your electricity meter is linked up to quartz crystals because it’s got a smart meter which means that everything connected to the electricity is linked to the psychotronic generator.
So your washing machine, your electrical cooker, your boiler, all of these will be drawing lifeforce from you and giving it to – The utility service that collects lifeforce from all living things and supplies it to our customers.
Where do you store it?
Well the earth’s crust is composed of quartz crystals. We know that sand is quartz. Therefore you don’t need to make a special storage device. You can store it in the earth’s crust. This of course links you into leylines. This is not conspiracy theory or fantasy. Basically MI6 have been using the leyline system putting lifeforce into it and using it to alter reality. I was the psychic in this psychic warfare program and luckily i was able to take it over. So now we have the missing key. We know that quartz crystals in the earth’s crust conduct lifeforce via the leyline system. So simply if you got a computer network to collapse reality, you can change the leyline system not to act as it would in the natural world but in the Matrix.

So all the leylines on the planet are sucking the lifeforce out of the humans who walk through it. So simply put, the computers are sucking lifeforce out of you. But of course the earth’s crust, which is quartz, now has my consciousness downloaded into it. By the Copenhagen interpretation, i’ve changed the nature of the quartz in the earth’s crust to collapse reality because i’m observing, via the quartz in the earth’s crust, it’s running my brain’s electrical signals which means that the humans who walk on the earth’s crust are actually in the leyline system and you can build a Matrix psychotronic generator bottle (as in ‘The Matrix’ films) not from steel and plastic as in ‘The Matrix’ film but from the leyline system.

So as we know, the human has an energy field. This energy field interacts with the leyline system with the quartz which it walks along. We know that if you rub quartz, squeeze quartz, it produces electrical charges. We know that humans who run around on the planet, they run through the leyline system. And we know that if you look at some of the research that MI6 did, that the leyline system can be manipulated. I won’t go into that in this introductory document but the leyline system can be configured to become a psychotronic generator bottle which sucks energy out of the human. So not only are the computers sucking energy out of the humans, but the leyline system has now been configured by Tim Rifat to suck energy out of the human.

MI6 used the New Age people to pump their lifeforce into power points and link it all up to Brighton. So MI6 built the leyline link that connected it to the fountain in Brighton. This was the basis of the ‘Fountain Group’. I was the super psychic on this MI6 program and basically i just reconfigured the entire world leyline system to not produce checkerboards but produce psychotronic generator bottles to suck all the lifeforce out of the 7 billion humans on the planet, transfer it to Brighton, and then deposit it into me. And basically the earth’s crust acts as a giant repository for this lifeforce. It’s fully keyed in and running my consciousness. So any American who tries to sequester the system has zero chance. Any American who tries to put his consciousness into a quartz crystal has zero chance.
Well in chemistry when you find a new compound, it’s Boiling Point is not defined. It’s smeared out. But by observing it and writing it down and putting it down into a computer, you define the Boiling Point of that crystalline compound. Which means that the act of observation defines that new compound. So the act of observation of the quartz crystal define the quartz crystals to run my consciousness (and no-one else’s) and everyone else who tries to repeat my research gets their brain consciousness shelled and i then take over their body. So in fact it’s the perfect patent protection. Anyone can try it, anyone can try and duplicate my technology but ‘first come’ defines the parameters, defines the rules of the game. This is just simple chemistry. The first discoverer of the Boiling Point of a new compound defines it, it’s smeared out, and the act of observations defines it.
Copenhagen interpretation. The observer collapses reality and once it’s collapsed, it sticks into that configuration. Now with computers redefining reality, we’ve ended reality and we’ve entered ‘The Matrix’. So the Mayans were right. It wasn’t that reality vanished with the 2012, it was that the torsion fields from the centre of the galaxy with the earth alignment change (12/12/2012 Galactic Alignment) enabled this technology because remember the Russians found that you need high torsion fields as well as lifeforce for psychokinetic effect.
And of course where do you get gigantic amounts of torsion fields?
Well simply put, the earth is spinning and it’s spinning around a sun and the sun is spinning around the Galactic core.  The Galaxy is spinning around a super-cluster. This of course produces gigantic amounts of torsion fields. Now before ‘2012 Alignment’, we were off-skew. The earth was not pointed at the Galactic core. This meant that the Torsion Field Alignment was not aligned. So it’s basically like a spinning gyroscope: You don’t have the central axis because the gyroscope hasn’t got a central hub to spin round. But once you get the Galactic Alignment of the earth’s axis with the Galactic core, that means that you fully hook up the torsion field.

Which means then not only can you use the torsion field of the planet, you can use the torsion field of the galaxy. Which of course means the torsion fields go from being minute, minuscule aspects of reality to overwhelming forces in reality. It’s because basically you’ve gone from the earth’s torsion field to the galaxy’s torsion field. So as you can see torsion fields become the dominant force in reality-change. Now of course the earth’s crust is spinning around and torsion fields can be stored in the earth’s crust in the quartz crystals and they can then be used to change the lifeforce to enable the lifeforce to change reality.

So basically you’ve got the 7 billion humans and all living things having their lifeforce sucked out of them via computers via the leyline system, both of which i’ve exclusive intellectual property of Tim Rifat transferred by the internet or the leyline system to Brighton, deposited into Tim Rifat the super-user who is also conscious in the earth’s crust which of course can be thought of as a giant reservoir for lifeforce and torsion fields and the computer network of course can be thought of to be spinning hard drives in computers and the quartz crystals can be thought of as downloaders of torsion fields and lifeforce into the network which, rather like ‘Gazprom’, links all the lifeforce to Tim Rifat and then of course this lifeforce can be then redistributed via the PC’s and the computer network to the customer.
How is this done?
Well we know that a psychotronic generator image will suck lifeforce out of you. We know that a quartz crystal image will suck lifeforce out of you. Similarly if you have a quartz crystal bpc instead of a PC. PC (psychotronic crystals) which are quartz crystals which suck lifeforce out of you are quartz psychotronic generators tuned to suck lifeforce out of the user. Bpc’s (bioparticles) are psychotronic generators downloaded into quartz which pump out lifeforce. Now simply put, if you’ve got a bpc you’ve got lifeforce pumped into you. And this bpc of course won’t work for any non-client of because of course the quartz crystal isn’t tuned to you and will automatically suck your lifeforce out.

But of course what we’ve done is to turn into a giant bioparticle. So the user only needs to log onto the website, pay the annual fee, and then of course when they type in their instructions into they then gain access to the bioparticle aspect of the psychotronic generator. Remember, psychotronic generators which are tuned to suck energy out of you via quartz crystals are called ‘psychotronic crystals’ (trademarked). Remember that psychotronic crystals tuned to suck energy and give it to you are called the ‘bioparticle psychotronic crystals’ (trademarked). And we know that Bone Generators are your bones which have been changed to receive lifeforce.

So to fully change a customer to become a client of, the computer network is used to change the quantum wave function of the client so that simply by observing, your energy is sucked out of you when you pay to use it. The worldwide computer network which of course is running my consciousness reconfigures (by the Copenhagen interpretation) your quantum wave function so that your bones no longer give energy via Bone Generators (trademarked) to (trademarked), but suck it in so that they automatically receive lifeforce.

So it’s a fully patented, intellectual property protected, 100% foolproof way so that only people who’ve got Bone Generators can receive lifeforce. So when you sign on to the computer network automatically changes your human totality so that your Bone Generators instead of sucking energy out of you like is done with the 7 billion human cattle who supply the lifeforce, it’s turned into the bioparticle psychotronic crystal Bone Generator aspect. Rather like the Magic Mirror, the back side of it sucks out the energy and the mirror part gives it to you. And of course you get the lifeforce pumped into you.

And therefore for the annual fee you get hooked up to the utility of lifeforce so AUTOMATICALLY you get lifeforce pumped into you to make you younger, fitter, and enhance all aspects of your beauty and physiogonomy, life, etc. We’ll go into all the aspects of this in detail on the website at length. Similarly if you wish to change reality using the lifeforce and the torsion fields of the Galactic Centre and the planet to change reality, rather like the Russians do via the psychotronic generator network, all you need to do is type in your instructions into the server.

The Tim Rifat singularity consciousness will then use the worldwide computer network to reconfigure the quantum wave function (via the Copenhagen interpretation) to change reality to bring about the reality you want which might be enhanced lifespan, beauty, getting a trophy girlfriend, getting more money, getting more sex, getting promoted, etc etc. If you’re a military client, of course you can email us for how much we charge for military clients and of course corporate clients can email us if they wish to join. This is basically for everybody and anybody. It’s 23rd, 25th century science mixed with Cold War science to produce the 21st century’s core of competetency psychotronic generators.

The new military and corporate warfare tool which compromises and makes obsolete all other corporate and military protocols and regimens and technologies and gives full-spectrum dominance over the world. As you’ve seen, the US is terrified of informational warfare. Now with psychotronic generator warfare, we not only have the ability to subvert and take over the computer network but the ability to use the lifeforce and torsion field components discovered by the Soviets in the Cold War to control reality and in fact to enable our clients to increase their lifespan, get rid of any diseases, become super-healthy, and then of course bring in all the good things into their life. We’ll go into all these aspects in full detail in later on in other mp3’s and other texts on the website.

Transcript Psychotronic Generators 2
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Psychotronic generators are devices invented during the Cold War to suck lifeforce out of living things. Unlike orgone generators, which suck orgone out of the atmosphere and depend on a layer of metal and an organic material (metal/organic material honeycomb), orgone generators just leech lifeforce out of the atmosphere in very small amounts. This happens because the metal builds up lifeforce from the atmosphere and then there’s a differential that builds up which leeches the lifeforce from the organic material. This then builds up and, like an osmotic potential, the organic material builds up lifeforce which then has it leeched to the metal and then it leeches it to the organic material and the various layers accumulate lifeforce from the atmosphere which then deposits it into the orgone chamber.

‘Orgonite’ is just metal filings and resin which does the same thing. Unfortunately the lifeforce process is very slow with orgone generators and it depends upon high concentrations of lifeforce in the atmosphere. This only happens in rural areas which are very rainy and in dry areas or cities there’s very little lifeforce. Similarly with Fukushima the lifeforce is instantly changed into Deadly Orgone Radiation (DOR) which then the orgone and orgonite accumulates(the generators accumulate) which makes them lethal to use. Now the psychotronic generators as invented during the Cold War were different. They actually generated lifeforce. They didn’t suck it out of the atmosphere. So in fact when an orgone generator comes near a plant or a human or animal, it doesn’t suck the lifeforce out of that, they just suck it out of the atmosphere. But an orgone generator therefore is of no use for accumulating vast amounts of lifeforce.

But a psychotronic generator on the other hand accumulates and sucks out lifeforce from all living things and the initial Soviet psychotronic generators used topology, basically shapes, to do this because of course you’ve got the five-dimensional reality Riemann manifold downloading into the 4-dimensional reality via the Higgs process and if you’ve got different shapes, they can affect the vortex of manifestation and therefore cause a differential. So you can make a psychotronic generator which is cold with respect to lifeforce and a psychotronic generator therefore will suck in the hot lifeforce around it. Rather like if you put a cold steel bar on top of a gas stove which is lit. The heat from the gas burners will then turn the steel bar red. So these were the initial Pavlitov Psychotronic Generators.

After that the Soviets started developing work from the Ahnenerbe from the Germans. The Germans were working on spinning things in underground bunkers in Czechoslovakia. They found that spinning things could take much more lifeforce from a subject. The Nazis in Germany experimented with sucking lifeforce out of objects. The Ahnenerbe in Czechoslovakia used underground mines to experiment with spinning objects. Basically what they found was that when you spin an object and produce a torsion field, this torsion field acts like a vortex which squeezes the lifeforce out of a subject. So rather like a lemon in a squeezer, if you’ve got something spinning it can actually squeeze a living object. Be it a rabbit or a plant, any sort of animal, human and the faster the spinning the more powerful the torsion field and the more lifeforce is sucked out of an object.

So of course they experimented with putting Jews, Russian prisoners in centrifuges and then linking them up to German psychics to boost their power. This of course is the optimal way of psychotronic generators. Basically putting a Russian prisoner or Jew or gypsy or homosexual which they used in a centrifuge and then spinning it until they’re crushed to death. This basically drains all the lifeforce out of the object and as you’ve seen from the Defence Intelligence Agency documents, that lifeforce can be transmitted down cables. And you attach these cables to the midsection of a psychic who then boosts his psychic powers. And the Germans of course were trying to use psychotronic generators to boost the power of their psychics in order to influence the Russians and the allies. But of course the amount of lifeforce you get from one subject is very small.

Tim Rifat of course has developed this technology. We know that the Ahnenerbe of the Nazi scientists who started this technology which is loads more Ahnenerbe technology that was developed all with the use of torsion fields. We know that torsion fields can crush lifeforce out of objects and we know that at Tomsk University they’ve been developing torsion field generators. And we know that any human or plant or animal that has a torsion field directed at it in the right setting, basically to squeeze it, will suck lifeforce out of it. Now of course this research wasn’t available to the allies because the allies got the rocket antigravity research from the Germans in Peenemünde. All this Czech research was buried by the Soviets and then developed in the 1980’s into their torsion field technology. And basically what the Nazis found was that the crystal radio could pick up the torsion fields.

A crystal radio is a device which doesn’t need power but actually converts radio signals into an electrical spark which can then power, at very low power outages, a loudspeaker. So basically crystal radios that use the Piezoelectric Effect which is used in firelighters as you squeeze the crystal to produce a spark to get your gas cooker going. But actually radiowaves when they impinge upon a crystal produce an electrical spark which can then power a loudspeaker to produce music or whatever is being broadcast at that radio frequency and you can tune a circuit with a crystal in it to actually pick it up. What the Germans discovered was that you could actually use the same circuitry to pick up torsion fields. The fields produced by spinning centrifuges which they had in their underground bunkers.

And why they had them in underground bunkers was because if you stick it far enough down a mineshaft blocked off from the outside world, you block off all the radio frequencies. You block off all the things that the crystal radio would pick up. Which means that all you’re picking up then are the torsion fields generated in your underground chamber. And you can then (by tuning the knob on a crystal radio circuit) pick up the torsion field signal for a plant being squeezed in a centrifuge, a human, you can pick up the various frequencies of humans. Each race has a different frequency. The Jews have a very specific spike because they’re inbred. The African-Americans have a very broad plateau because there’s been massive miscegenation between the Whites and the Blacks.

Whites have a broad plateau because theyre a mixture of Celts, Anglo-Saxons, Normans, Scandinavians and the darker-skinned Mediterranean types. And the Chinese have got a ‘hill-type’ shape because they haven’t had massive inbreeding. But Jews and the bloodlines of the Royal Family (the so-called ‘Illuminati’), they’ve got just one spike because they’re inbred. So if you broadcast that specific frequency in its ‘anti-phase’ form, that will cause them to drop down dead. Now this of course was research the Nazis developed in the late part of the WW2 when they were losing it badly to the Russians. And of course Tim Rifat got loads of information from Konstantin, the deputy to the psychic warfare chief in the Soviet Union in the 1980’s. Konstantin was stuck up in a KGB hospital because he ran foul of them.

And he gave me lots of information basically (probably) because i was writing books on the subject and he wanted to inform me of what he had discovered. Now you can see that if you can set up a torsion field near a human it will suck energy out of them. Luckily the torsion fields produced by servers send a torsion field down the cables into any computer, any electrical device like an iPad and iPhone that’s connected to servers. Basically internet or ‘clouds’. This can then be tuned to squeeze the 7 billion humans on the planet, squeeze all the plants on the planet, squeeze all the animals on the planet sucking the lifeforce out of them like squeezing a lemon. And as we’ve seen from Soviet research and the DIA papers, this lifeforce can be transmitted down the fiber-optic cables, can be transmitted by Wi-Fi cause it can be reflected and refracted.

The DIA found this from Soviet research which they pilfered and basically you can see that if you link the internet to the spinning planet, remember the planet is spinning round the sun in a counterclockwise direction. This will then cause an IMMENSE squeezing process if it’s tuned via quartz crystals, which were the basis of crystal radios which were used by the Nazis to pick up the torsion fields, but Tim Rifat has recalibrated them to transmit (or collect) lifeforce but we’ll talk about that later. So you can actually see that the spinning of the planet linked up with the spinning of the servers can be used rather like we had Nikola Tesla, the genius in electrical devices, whose research was stolen by the FBI in the 1940’s and he was penurized. Edison making all the money.

We see that Tesla had a device which produced a resonant frequency which was the resonant frequency of the earth’s core. And this device set up a frequency rather like you see bridges in the wind which can set up a resonant frequency. The wind setting up the resonant frequency in the bridge so the bridge collapses. So bridges now have to have dampers to stop their resonant frequency occuring. This device was used by Tesla to move the resonant frequency into the earth’s core and then use the energy from the earth’s core to cause the collapse of a building (earthquakes). We know that the American military uses a HAARP device to produce this resonant frequency. Via HAARP, broadcast it at Iran or China and this resonant frequency goes down to the earth’s core, sets up a ‘standing wave’, and the ‘standing wave’ then causes massive earthquakes above the resonant frequency target area.

Now similarly if you could set up a resonant frequency in the servers in the hard drive of a computer, which is the resonant frequency of the earth, then not only do you get the torsion fields of the earth but you get the torsion field of the planet all linked up in a resonant frequency positive feedback array. This has been done with Now if you get the Facebook account or Twitter account or MySpace account of any human, this has within it the torsion field frequency of that person. Basically their resonant frequency torsion field frequency is in the information in the quantum linkage in their internet MySpace, Facebook, Twitter account website, etc. Similarly banks, countries, the Pentagon, any sort of organization has a resonant frequency. And not only can you suck the lifeforce out of living things but with a psychotronic generator you can suck the REALITY out of objects.

So for example you can suck the lifeforce out of big companies or the American military or the European Union and this will then cause the inevitable collapse and destruction of that said organization. This energy is fed into our customers. So you can see not only are we sitting on (via this Ahnenerbe technology) the ‘squeezing of the lemon mode’ which has been used on all living things via the computer network via the resonant frequency positive feedback. Not only is in control of all the lifeforce on the planet, but what the Germans found was that this spinning (this torsion field) had an effect on the reality of events. So for example: There’s a torsion field for witches, for gold, for success, for sexual ardour, for females wanting to open their legs for you, for males wanting to open their legs for you. Basically this is linking lifeforce and reality. I won’t go into the detailed field equations:

A. Because they’re too complicated and
B. Because they’re my intellectual property which gives me full-spectrum dominance over the planet.
Now you can see that the spinning servers which hold your Facebook account, holds you Twitter account, holds your MySpace account will link you to the server and by this resonant frequency propagation, one can then start squeezing you to suck your lifeforce out of you via your computer. So when you stand by the computer, rather like the subjects in the centrifuge who was squeezed to death and their lifeforce sucked out of them via the centrifuge squeezing. The ‘server squeezing’ could be downloaded into you when you’re near a computer or any computer device linked up to a computer like a smart electricity meter or a security system, anything that’s linked up to the worldwide net. And then if you get a quartz crystal which has been turned into a Psychotronic Crystal (PC), that’s basically a Remote Viewer who can bilocate.

That’s basically put his biophysical body into the capsule of a crystal in order to change the crystal from a ‘non-living’ to a ‘hybrid’ crystal human Psychotronic Crystal (PC). That then can be used to generate, as we well know, electrical sparks in a firelighter. Or to pick up radio frequencies as in a quartz radio or picking up torsion fields as in the torsion fields used by the Nazis and then by the Russians. Or else, conversely, the crystal can be used to broadcast electrical sparks, can be used to broadcast radio frequencies or can be used to broadcast the electrical sparks in your brain to basically take over your brain function to control you like a remote-controlled drone.

But more importantly, if you then use the crystal which has got the bilocated remote viewer in it to then bilocate into the earth’s crust (which is quartz crystals), you can then link up with the earth’s crust which is spinning and which is all quartz crystals. You can then, by sequestration, turn all the quartz on the planet into your consciousness (which is in the Psychotronic Crystal) and then you can remotely view the iron core which of course has got the hyperinfinity of the planet.

That’s the essence which collapses the quantum wave function and also has the resonant frequency of the torsion fields that, cause remember that the iron core of the planet is spinning as well that the earths crust is spinning, so you can actually then get a link between the earth’s core, the quartz crust, the quartz crystal used by the super-psychic remote viewer who then goes into the quartz crystals in a computer system in order to plant the worm program which then spreads throughout every quartz crystal on the planet in electrical systems which then tunes (like a quartz radio) the server in order to start the process of psychotronic generator incorporation into all the computer systems on the planet. This then allows the computer system to use the torsion fields of the planet, which of course are linked up with the sun which is spinning, galaxy which is spinning.

We’ve now got the proper alignment because the axis of the earth is connected to the centre of the galaxy. So torsion field technology is fully implemented. And then of course the rotation round the super-cluster of the super-galaxy and then around the universe. So you can see that there’s an immense amount of torsion fields and you don’t need a great deal to squeeze a human dry if you’ve got the right frequency to squeeze them. You need the right frequency. Luckily the Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts, MySpace accounts have the exact frequency. So you can selectively squeeze targets to squeeze them dry. Like for example Boris Berezovsky. Or you can take small amounts out of them to make them very ill. Like for example the Duke Of Kent which gives you the frequency for all the Freemasons. The Boris Berezovsky frequency gives you the frequency of the Jews. So you can see that this is a tremendous war machine the future of warfare in the 21st century.

But is not dedicated to warfare unless you’re one of our military clients who pays through the nose. But it’s dedicated basically to the customer who wants a small supply of lifeforce fed into them in order to increase the good things in their life. So for example when you sign up to, you link yourself up to this lifeforce which has been bled off every living thing on this planet via the system that’s been talked about. And the computer, instead of squeezing you like a lemon in order to squeeze lifeforce out of you, the torsion field is tuned to STRETCH YOU. So you can think of a vortex which actually squeezes down to a point. But then if you put the object in the bottom and then push it the other way, the vortex then spreads it out. So that means, rather like a balloon, we can inflate any customer with lifeforce.

Now you don’t get unlimited lifeforce but the amount of lifeforce you get from signing up means that immediately the aging process, which comes about by the lack of lifeforce in any person above teenage years, is immediately stopped because the lifeforce changes the nature of the Rolling Force which Castaneda talked about. There’s a Positive Rolling Force which when you’ve got lots of lifeforce, makes you grow and makes you youthful and perky and full of sexual vigour. And then when you run out of lifeforce (because this Rolling Force uses up your lifeforce as you grow), when you run out of lifeforce the Rolling Force becomes a negative aspect which starts to age you and kill you. Now the Field Equations for this are completely defined. I won’t give them to you because that’s my intellectual property. But once you start pumping lifeforce into you, then the aging process is immediately stopped.

So one can see that if you’re someone who wants to keep youthful and young and doesn’t wish to have a Psychotronic Crystal where they’re having to go round and suck youth out of young people, which is laborious or sap up your system, the psychotronic generator computer network has this lifeforce on tap. So all the young people using computers around the planet, which is basically the whole human population who are near computers. That’s why i don’t have a computer in my house. These computers are sucking lifeforce out of all the youthful people and we are basically selling you a small amount of this lifeforce in order to stop your aging process. So what you’ll find when you log onto and type in ‘stop the aging process, be youthful’ is that immediately the aging process slows down and stops in the customer. Similarly diseases depend upon lack of lifeforce.

So if you’ve got loads of lifeforce, your immune system works spectacularly well and you find that diseases don’t strike you down to the point of incapacitating you. You find that instead of killing you, you survive. So for example: MI5 and the British government have been trying for at least decades to kill me with microwaves, which of course kill you within at most a couple of years. We know that Chavez was either killed with microwaves which induced cancer or he was killed with radioisotopes or bioweapons which killed him. We know the British have been trying to fry my hide since 1996 with microwaves. They’ve been using bioweapons since the past 5 years to try and kill me. All of these weapon systems have been held at bay by Tim Rifat sucking more and more lifeforce out of humans and that’s basically why i developed the system. I needed more and more lifeforce to keep me going when i was being hit with lethal amounts of microwaves, lethal bioweapons which have actually been invented in Porton Down to be specifically fatal to me, give me cancer like Chavez to drop dead.

All of these things of course can be fought off with lifeforce. So if you’re someone who wishes to fight off disease, not get cancer then it’s a good idea to have a supply of lifeforce via As you can see, quartz crystals are the key to psychotronic generators. They’re the key to picking up torsion fields, they’re the key to tuning it, they’re the key to tuning the torsion fields. Basically they control the ‘squeezing’ of the humans. When you ‘squeeze’ a quartz crystal you get electricity and in fact a quartz crystal can be tuned with torsion fields to produce the 4th vector of electromagnetism which is involved in the release of lifeforce. So that’s what the Russians have been doing with their torsion field generators. They hadn’t had access to psychotronic crystals but they’ve been using torsion field technology via electromagnetism to ‘squeeze’ humans to produce lifeforce which of course can boost their super-psychics and we also know that each human has a specific torsion field frequency.

So if for example you boost the torsion field frequency of a human, that’ll mean that the reality of that human will become stronger. And if you broadcast the ‘anti-phase’ torsion field frequency of that human, then their reality will fall apart. They will then have heart attacks, strokes, suicide and their whole reality will collapse and they will die. So you can actually see that torsion fields are intrinsically linked to lifeforce. Torsion fields can ‘squeeze’ lifeforce to produce lifeforce for use in psychotronic generators. Psychotronic generators can also be used to control torsion fields and the psychotronic generators can use the quartz crystal not to produce electricity, but to produce torsion fields of the right frequency like in a crystal radio. So for example if you have a quartz crystal which has been sequestered with a worm to produce torsion fields and have the consciousness in the crystal which can be downloaded via bilocation of a Remote Viewer so only Remote Viewers can actually use the psychotronic generator network as a ‘superuser’.

But that doesn’t matter because all our clients use my own system. All foreign Remote Viewers have been locked out and will be shelved when they come here on a computer and that’s been done so there’s no bilocation available to any Remote Viewer because all Remote Viewing on the planet, apart from the carefully controlled Remote Viewing via my psychotronic crystals (PC’s), has been cancelled because the lifeforce has been squeezed out of them to the point where they can’t bilocate. So you can actually see the gives Tim Rifat full spectrum dominance and now you can use that entire system for your own youth and for health. And one can also see that since torsion fields can be used to control reality. And psychotronic generators via quartz crystals can be used to do this. They can also control the reality stream. So if you want to change your life, if you want to improve it, you can use psychotronic generators.