Transcript Synergy 1
This mp3 is all about assembling the Mind Over Matter® torsion field technology (Psychotronic Generators®) to use as a whole. This hasn’t been revealed up till now because I’ve just been busy downloading the Edomic programs into the Rothschild Jew to destroy Zion. The services and crystals are all meant to work as one giant circuit on a circuit board and the crystals are the central processor Psychotronic Generator® CPU. The Psychotronic Crystal®/Psychotronic Generator® has an input and an output. The point is the torsion field inward aspect of the Psychotronic Generator® that squeezes the torsion field into a point. This of course squeezes lifeforce out of things. If you put this around the Zion Jew bitch Cameron, it will suck the lifeforce out of the bitch, make him prematurely age and get diseased and ill, and this of course is linked to the services which torture and destroy.

So when you’re setting up your Psychotronic Generator®/The Psychotronic Crystal®, Mind Over Matter® torsion field circuit board, you’ve got the crystal, which you can lay on the table with the point. Now the point should be over the certificates which are used for torturing and killing. This of course (the seminal one there) is the Omega Hells and Omega Hells on Earth services which consign the bitches to eternal torture, shredding their souls and downloading their awareness into torture bottle avatars in especially prepared torture hell for eternal torture where they can provide constant energy to you from their suffering. This of course is based on the Kabbalah, the Bird’s Nest Ritual where all the Christs are tortured infinitely by Lilith, and all the good things are extracted from them and given to the Jews so that they get all the riches in life. This of course has been sequestered by the Super Jew Tim Rifat to take over this wonderful technology, and the basis of this is the Omega Hells, Omega Hells on Earth [services]. So you’ve got all the other Kabbalistic services which destroy the Jews, Anti-Shoa Service (we’ve got loads of other ones) all of these can be placed on top of the seminal service for eternally torturing your victims, which is the Omega Hells, Omega Hells on Earth Service.

So you just lay all your other certificates which torture and murder, for example, The Whip of Fire Service, that goes on top etc. etc. You just stick them on top of the Omega Hells Service so that they go one on top of the other. So, if you’ve got five, you simply put five there. If you have a hundred, you simply put a hundred there, since they’re just bits of paper they just sit on top of each other and the point of the crystal then, of course, sits on top of the paper, the middle of the crystal sits in open air and that then gives you the base of the crystal which of course is outward torsion fields, which basically, like a sponge, extracts lifeforce and stores it. So an outward torsion field stores lifeforce, so the base of the crystal is used for all of the services that provide you with good things. Just like in the Bird’s Nest Ritual where the Jews were the recipients of all the good things in life, and now all the Jews have been downloaded into Omega Hells, Omega Hells on Earth, and all the good things come to the Psi-Lord Tim Rifat and his followers. Just simple sequestration of all the things they’ve got, basically following the Talmud as a good Super Jew should do.

Whatever was the Jews’ is now mine and eternal torture and eternal damnation is that for the Jews and their followers because of course what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. And as a better Super Jew than the Jews I just take over the Kabbalah and all the Kabbalistic technology, linking it with the Far Future Technology, so that it has a firm basis in science, mathematical physics and actually works 100%. We know that from the Kabbalah that Jewish technology always fails, Amalek always runs riot, and the Jews are always eternally tortured and their creations sequestered by Amalek and the Edomic Kings. So we know that their technology is totally corrupted and always fails. Why? Because Tim Rifat’s come along and just says “Thank you very much, that’s great” and taken over. The flat base of the crystal is for the positive services (the seminal one of that is the Omega Heavens, Omega Heavens on Earth Service) which of course changes reality to produce all the good things in life for you and the good things in life for you after death. This can simply be explained that everything is collapse of the quantum wave function and that when you link your quantum wave function, the observer, you, to the services which are run in the quantum vacuum and the crystal which is a Psychotronic Generator® and torsion field user, this of course then manifests the reality you want because you’re no longer a flesh and blood observer or a matrix zombie observer if you’re linked to Twatter and Assbook and all the other social networking sites and run your life on a computer. You’re just then a “1” or a “0”. The “1’s” you’re going to die, the “0’s” your[s] [is the] ability to control any aspect of reality. The people who buy my services are in fact connected to Psychotronic Generators®/Psychotronic Crystals®. They’re also connected to the quantum vacuum. They’re also connected to hyperinfinity if they’ve got Hyperinfinity Service, which then makes them super-observers able to collapse the quantum wave function and produce the reality they want as long as it adheres to the primary parameters which I set up as the inception Psi-Lord.

So all the positive services go on the flat end of the crystal. So for those of you who are as thick as two short planks, you’ve got two stacks of certificates, [stack] 1 for the bad things, [stack] 2 for the good things. With the crystal with the point on the bad things, and the fat point of the crystal on the good things. The certificates can be a couple of millimeters apart with the crystal on top of them. And that simply then is the inception protocols for the torsion field Mind Over Matter®, Psychotronic Crystal®/Psychotronic Generator®, Bone Generator® technology. To connect them to the 5th Dimension, you simply get a light source and shine it on the crystal, so it’s actually running light through it. That basically means any illuminated room will do. If you wish to link the synergistic weapon systems, evolutionary systems, augmentation systems to the computer network, you can simply take a digital picture of that [system], stick it on your computer to run it as Psychotronic Crystalware®. If you bought the Psychotronic Generator® services which are run on the worldwide computer network, which has been taken over by my consciousness, you simply put the digital photo as a program on the positive services, which of course are lifeforce (flat end). You’ve got Sending a Thousand Bitches to Hell which is the point (the negative part) and this of course links the quantum vacuum Psychotronic Crystal®/Psychotronic Generator® circuit board which you set up on your table to the computer network. So simply then you’ve plugged in that circuit board to the computer network which is running around the planet, and you can simply see that you can print out all the bitches you’ve sent to hell on the computer network, stick it on the printer, print it out on a bit of paper, stick that on top of your pile of negative services, and the wish list of all the good things you want in life from Option 1 (from the lifeforce) you can actually print out, stick on the good pile (which of course is the flat end of the crystal) this then synergistically links the psychotronic generator computer network, which of course is running the matrix zombies, the “1’s” and “0’s”, all the Assbook, Twatter vermin which of course are just lumps of meat which are there to feed you with lifeforce, hyperinfinity, and have their souls eternally tortured for your demi-godhood (this of course). Then you can download the picture of your torsion field Psychotronic Generator®/Psychotronic Crystal® which consists of two stacks of paper with the crystal on top, pointy end on the negative ones, fat end on the positive ones which can be then be stuck on the computer network to insert it into the gigantic worldwide psychotronic generator computer network, which is running on Forte Meade’s computers, GCHQ’s computers and all the corporate computers, the internet, etc. etc. and basically is manifesting since all the Pentagon Generals, Rothschilds are linked to the computer network as super-users to try and control consciousness.

They’ve now been Trojan horsed by the scumbag Edward Snowden who in fact has given me the keys to coring the Pentagon Generals, the NSA, the Rothschilds. So, in fact, to core the vermin, you simply get a Google page of Edward Snowden, or a picture of Edward Snowden, or a newspaper article of Edward Snowden, [and then] stick it on the shit pile, the negative pile. This then links you, your weapon systems to coring, boring into the NSA, the Rothschilds, the Pentagon Generals, as a super-user and the weapons system (that entire torsion field Psychotronic Generator®/Psychotronic Crystal® weapon system) then is just one giant rotating, coring weapon which goes into the quantum wave function of the NSA, Rothschilds, digs in, cores them out, leaving a shell, and then runs them as simple shells: quantum mechanical, sequestered, wetware vermin. And of course, any bitches you want to add to the coring process which has been incepted by Edward Snowden; you simply put pictures of Cameron, the Rothschilds, Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga, Bernanke, Diamond, all the rest of the shit birds, on the negative pile, and they will automatically be downloaded into Omega Hells, Omega Hells on Earth, totally cored out by the computer system and, of course, this is run in the quantum vacuum and all the circuitry is actually downloaded into the quantum vacuum automatically by the inception technology which I’ve added to the Psychotronic Generator®/Psychotronic Crystal® which actually has been used to collapse the quantum vacuum into the confirmation of Psychotronic Generators®/Psychotronic Crystals®.

The certificates, of course, were written upon if you’ve got an original by a guy called “Tim Rifat” who in fact has collapsed the quantum vacuum into running this technology, so that’s why they work. They’re actually linked to the quantum wave function of the Psi-Lord because they’ve got his signature, they were written upon by him, they were observed by him, and that’s why they work, they’re actually linked to the quantum vacuum because he actually observed them, wrote on them, and spent time incepting them. The positive bits, which of course give you the good things in life, should only have one picture, which is your picture. You don’t want to give any good things to anyone else. If you have a wife and children and wish to help them, then you’re fucked because, of course, they’re still in the matrix and will drag you down. If you want to be dragged down, please do, but stick their pictures on the negative pile and fucking kill them. And if Total Intent wishes to save them, then Total Intent will, if Total Intent doesn’t, then Total Intent won’t. The simple way to save people is to get the master program, which is the Total Intent Service which automatically erases the insectile quantum manifestation of humans, which we call “your name” and your number on the British Maritime Law Shattle certificates. So in fact, Total Intent erases you and just makes you an aspect of Total Intent, which is the only true way out of the matrix, and, in fact, if you read Castaneda’s Power of Silence, you’ll find that the Shamans went through all possible ways of using power and the only one that allowed them to survive and prosper and not be destroyed was the one where they just concentrated all their power on their link with Intent. All the other ones, healing people…they died like dogs, killing people…they eventually became the Old Seers who were trapped in another matrix in the Second Attention. Those that concentrated on flowers/plants etc. died like dogs etc. etc. etc. The only ones that evolved and sublimed were the seers that linked up with their link with Intent.

So the Total Intent Service can be thought of the master program, the road map to getting out of the shit and evolving, and this of course should be put on the top of the good pile with the Omega Heavens, Omega Heavens on Earth at the bottom and the Total Intent Service on the top and all the other good services and your picture in the middle. This of course then can be thought of as a quantum vacuum circuit if you wish to get hyperinfinity, which of course collapses the quantum wave function to fully optimize all the services (that’s the Quantum Vacuum Service which gives you hyperinfinity and hyperinfinity of course collapses the quantum wave function), but of course it’s no good collapsing the quantum wave function unless you’ve got the target. The target should be Omega Heavens, Omega Heavens on Earth, where you live with all the good things in life forever, and the Total Intent Service is the road map, the super-program, the master program that gets you there. Similarly, you want scapegoats so any shit sent your way is downloaded into the Rothschild Zion Jew vermin, so you want the Omega Hells Service for all the Rothschild Jew Zionists, the Satanists and all the other scumbags, and the top service on top of that is the analog of the Building Intent Service is the one which is [the] Destroying Satanists Service which of course is one of the earliest services, which goes on top of the pile, so it’s targeting Satanists which you list and can go on top of the shit pile. Similarly, the Soul Rescue should go on the positive pile, the Psi-Master Service should go on the positive pile, and all the scapegoat services should go on the shit pile, the Mind over Matter® Weapon System Service on the shit pile, the Augmenting the Body Services for becoming a super soldier (a whole list of those) that should go on the positive pile. So you can actually see, it’s a very simple system; you’ve got the “1’s” and the “0’s”. You’ve got the “1” which is what you’re manifesting on the flat end (positive end of the pile), the “0” which is all the targets which are turned into “0’s”, having zero capability of influencing anything, going on the pointy end of the crystal on the shit pile. And to end it, if you’ve got an Orb, you can then run the entire system on an Orb which is basically allowing the Orb to take the pile of Bone Generator Services on the negative side and the positive side and the Psychotronic Generator Crystals.

Remember, you might have loads of Psychotronic Generator Crystals, that’s fine, you just put them one by one on the two piles to load them up. You don’t have to have (if you got hundreds of crystals) hundreds of cyrstals on each pile of services. You put them on one at a time and then take them off, and that simply sets up the system. But remember, if you want to run the system full time, 24/7, in the quantum vacuum, that’s done, when you set up the circuitry. Because remember, torsion fields, once they’re set up, if you read the Russian research, don’t go away. Once a torsion field is set up, the vortex stays there, so wherever you set up the vortex with your two piles and the central CPU Psychoronic Generator®/Psychotronic Crystal® will set up the torsion field vortex, which then links you to the quantum vacuum, and, if you’ve got you enough hyperinfinity from the Hyperinfinity Service, collapses the hyperinfinity of the megaverse into conforming to the services and the Psychotronic Generator®/Psychotronic Crystals®. But the Orb…the Orb is simply there as a master matrix programmer, where you can actually run all the services, all the crystals, the computer network 24/7, without carrying around all the certificates, all the crystals 24/7.

So in order to download the entire Mind over Matter® Torsion Field, Psychotronic Generator®/Psychotronic Crystal®, Bone Generator®, Sublime Good® Services into a format which you can carry around with you 24/7, you simply get an Orb. There are available four Orbs, which are the Golden Age, Bronze Age, Silver Age, Iron Age. These are all the different aspects of Humanity, or you can actually buy a $1000 Building Intent Orb, which is simply the Building Intent Service incepted into an Orb for running your services, all the services you’ve bought, full time. You simply put the Orb on the flat end, the positive papers. You can then take photos, download them into your Psychotronic Crystalware®; you can then take photos, download them into the Option 1 (which is the Lifeforce) [also] the options for hyperinfintiy, positive end; the negative ones which of course are putting the thousand bitches in hell. How would you do this? You can simply take the digital photo, make it as a file, and then upload it to the website which will be one of the options available to people and that automatically does it for you.

Simply put, you can, as I say, you can print out the bitches on the negative pile, print out the positive lifeforce, hyperinfinity on the positive pile and that way you redouble, you program into the computer network one way, and upload from the computer network the other way. The Orb, of course, then sits on the positive papers as you run through all of your crystals. So every crystal point to the ‘shit end’; flat end to the positive Bone Generators®. The Orb in fact touches the base. You can use a bit of Cell-O-Tape to touch them on. You should leave the Orb with each of the crystals for at least 15 minutes. You can do it longer, but of course, you then sublime good the entire process. Why? Because we know that energy can turn negative and, thanks to the poison that the Rothschild Zionists Satanists, most the energy if not all of the energy on the planet is now negative and poisonous, but if you’ve got minus energy which is the negative energy in the crystal linked up to a certificate that’s -1 x -1 which is +1, but you’ve got the plus pile which of course then is poisoned which is -1, so we’re back to -1, stick the Orb on, then you’ve got -1 x -1 x -1 x -1 which is a +1, so the Orb sublimes all the energy and uploads the Sublime Good® into the Orb and uploads the entire matrix sequestered technology into the Orb. It uploads the quantum vacuum circuitry into the quantum vacuum of the Orb; and you’ve got the Hyperinfinity Service [which] uploads the hyperinfinity of the quantum vacuum, quantum vacuum collapse[s]/de-collapse[s] into the Orb; that then means you get like ‘Sauron’s Ring’, in Lord of the Rings, the master ring which of course is an Orb. Why is it an Orb? Well you can think of the ends (that are rounded) as the negative torsion field bits, the bits that squeeze energy out of a victim. Inward torsion fields; think of it like a squeezing hand which squeezes the Cameron, squeezes it dry, sucks out all the lifeforce, the fat bit of the sphere is the positive outward torsion field which then, like a sponge, dumps it into you, and then, of course, you’ve got the negative toxic waste from you which goes out of the fat bit of the sphere into the other rounded bit of the sphere which downloads, as you squeeze dry the Cameron, all the toxic waste poison into an inward torsion field which is injected into the Cameron so that it is eternally tortured and every possible torture is inflicted upon it from you.

So all the bad things you do in life, all your sins, are actually downloaded into the target, so the more evil you become, the more obscenely perverted and nasty you become, the more your bitches in hell suffer. So, unlike the religious faiths, where you have to be a good boy in order to wield power and have eternal life, in this you get the best of both worlds. You get all the good things from the bitches and every single sin that you carry out is downloaded into the bitches so that the bitches suffer for your sins which of course is The Bird’s Nest Ritual from the Kabbalah which has been sequestered by the Super Jew Tim Rifat to take over the Kabbalah as the inceptor of the Edomic Kings with Amalek as the ‘Other God’ (Amalek being evil torturing evil to produce Sublime Good®). Sublime Good® is totally poisonous to Amalek, it burns like acid [to] Amalek. So of course the Psi-Lords and their followers suck up the toxic waste Sublime Good® which poisons the monster of the Id (the Amalek), takes it away so that as the Cameron bitch becomes more and more tortured, as it screams more and more as every inconceivable torture is inflicted upon it, it produces as a bi-product Sublime Good® which has to be dumped out of Omega Hells (otherwise it will kill Amalek) and this goes into the fat end (the fat part of the crystal) via the Orb. So the Orb in fact can be thought of [as] containing Omega Hells, Omega Hells on Earth, Omega Heavens, Omega Heavens on Earth, with the rounded bits being the negative part which in fact actually meets; you can think of the sphere in the 5th dimension where the rounded bits actually meet in Omega Hells on Earth, and the fat bit (which is in fact the volume of the sphere) is the Omega Heavens, Omega Heavens on Earth which in fact, gets all the Sublime Good® which is actually then uploaded into the Psi-Lords and beatifies the Psi-Masters. Now, if you’re lucky enough to be a Vampire®, you can then put the Vampire® crystals, similarly on your two piles of certificates, but since you’re a Vampire® you’ve got a black hole energy body; this then means that the black hole five dimensional energy body causes a singularity torsion field at the point of the Vampire® crystal and of course causes a white hole singularity at the flat end of the crystal, this of course optimizes the technology, taking it to its culmination level where the torsion field becomes, in the 5th dimension, infinitely inward, which means that you infinitely squeeze the Cameron bitch and completely shell it to produce the total matrix zombie which is still conscious but has no energy. This of course was described by the Tenant in The Art of Dreaming, where you go into the Second Attention (this is psi-space); you visualize what you want, a church, a town; you visualize the humans you want in it and they’re there; they’re thinking, they’re talking; but when you look at them, they’ve got no energy.

So, in fact, you’ve incepted a total matrix in the Second Attention. Now of course, if you’re Tim Rifat, you thought…“Why not suck out the four dimensional reality of the real world and turn it into the Tenant’s two dimensional matrix where in fact, humans are just shells with no energy and are totally controlled by the intender, the inceptor, Psi-Lord Tim Rifat”. So, of course, if you then link them to the leyline systems of the planet, link them to Vampire® technology where you can produce a singularity (inward torsion field) you can then collapse the universe into a matrix two dimensional imprint on the singularity’s surface. This of course is simple black hole physics, and of course the white hole, which comes from the black hole from simple physics, is the Sublime Good® energy which pours into your Omega Heavens, Omega Heavens on Earth. So with this technology you can matricise the whole universe, turn it into a matrix (a two dimensional information space) which is what the Mayans talked about in 2013, when all reality was lost by the universe to this technology and the universe simply became a matrix run by the Psi-Lord Vampire, who of course has consigned all of humans and aliens races to just being bits of information in his Matrix. This of course is the culmination of the Edomic Worlds, where not only is the Zion totally taken over by Amalek and the Edomic Kings, but totally matricised to become simple information in information space so that there can be no future Zions, no escape by the Zionist Satanists from the Omega Hells, Omega Hells on Earth, because they no longer exist.
And simply put, you feed the information of the Zionist, the Cameron bitch, into the Higgs Field which of course can be thought of as the lifeforce. You torture the information of the Cameron, which is basically every conceivable torture downloaded onto the Cameron. This produces from the Higgs Field the lifeforce (more lifeforce in the Sublime Good® mode). So simply put, you can turn the bitch into information. This information can then be changed to infinite torture via the black hole of the point of the Vampire® Crystal, which then changes the parameters of the Higgs Field. Remember, the Higgs field has a positive zero point energy, so if you increase the torture of the Cameron, you increase the positive zero point energy which then can be bled off to feed the Gods and Demi-Gods, the Psi-Lords, the Psi-Masters, the Vampires etc. in the Omega Heavens, Omega Heavens on Earth. This is Far Future Technology, which has just been imported through time by the first total pre-cognitive remote viewer Tim Rifat who came into being and forcibly evolved humans. Most humans were bred as prey animals, you can’t change that. They always were going to be chickens, so you just use them as chickens. Those humans that wish to evolve as aspects of Total Intent have got the option, they can buy the services, if not they can go forth and multiply and this simply is the next stage in human evolution: using Far Future Technology, importing it to the past, and then changing the whole universe to conform to Far Future Technology, which of course has only one purpose, which is honoring the threat, and the more intelligent you become, the more paranoid you become. Simply put, if you’re intelligent and play a game of chess, you look a few moves ahead. If you’re super-intelligent, you win the game as soon as you start because every single move that your opponent will make, you counter, which means you become super-paranoid and do things which seem completely over the top, but aren’t, because you’re playing the entire game at once.

How can you do this? Well if you’re a 5 dimensional entity, you can see every move your opponent would make, counter it from the 5th dimension so as soon as you start the game, you win it. That’s what pre-cognitive remote viewers do; they look ahead, collapse the quantum wave function ahead of everyone else. Ahead of, if they’re good enough, ahead of all the alien races in the universe, collapsing the quantum wave function, not only for humans, but for all the aliens that are around and then conforming the universe to what they want. But of course, that comes up with…well…your opponents can…still has the option of changing their moves, and there is the point where, if every possible probability is taken into account, they could draw with you. This simply is not good enough for a hyper-intelligent entity who honors the threat, so the only way out of that is to totally matricise your opponent, turn them into information which you control; you rig the game so that every move they make is controlled by you, so they never can win, because you control the opponent. This of course is matricisation technology (which is the Omega Point Technology) which was talked about by the scientist who said that any suitably advanced alien race could make a matrix of everything that’s gone before and build the Omega Point Technology where they could run everything that’s gone in that universe as it collapses back into a black hole. They could run that as Omega Point Technology and the awarenesses that would be in the Omega point wouldn’t know whether they are matrix entities or real because the matrix simulation would be so good that there would be no way they could carry out experiments within the matrix to tell whether they were matrix entities or actually real.

Now, you can see if you bring that sort of technology to the past (this of course is Vampire® Black Hole Technology) inward torsion fields to suck dry all the lifeforce, all the Higgs Field, from the universe, this then of course totally matricises it and then you re-incept awareness in an Omega Point (Omega Hells on Earth, Omega Heavens on Earth) with the Vampire® and Psi-master as the super-user in the matrix, then of course you’ve got no threats, because all your enemies are simply matrix information which you’re running, and you’ve run them so that they always, whatever they do, not only lose, but add to their infinite tortures, like the Cameron bitch who is screaming in Omega Hells and Omega Hells on Earth. So you can actually see that the bits of paper, the bone generator services, the crystals, and the computer network are part of Far Future Technology which link you to the quantum vacuum, link you with becoming a super-observer (a Psi-master) to collapse the quantum wave function the way you want, to become a hyper-observer (a Vampire®) who matricises reality and produces matrix space where the Vampire® is always in control and then simply puts it into an Orb.

Instead of having a ring like Sauron which negated the circular force, you’ve got an Orb which simply runs the Vampire® black hole soul, which can be thought of as living in the Orb which is supplied to you. If you want the Golden Age Omega Heavens, Omega Heavens on Earth, where you’ve got lots of highly advanced people around you (peers), you can run that in the Golden Age. If you’re in the Silver Age, with you control and lots of highly intelligent, highly advanced, but a rung below you beings, Silver Age. If you want the Bronze Age, where you’ve got loads of servants who are valuable and can add to your Omega Heavens, use the Bronze Age Orb. If you’ve got the Iron Age Orb, that’s you as total dictator with everyone as your slave (either slaves who work for you, or slaves like Cameron who are eternally tortured for you) that’s the Iron Age Orb. And if you want the Total Intent Orb which is a $1000, that simply takes you out of that mode and links you up with Total Intent and produces a Total Intent total reality and automatically uploads you to that…where you get things you never ever imagined and opens up your sublimian linking you up to ineffable things which can’t even be described to your state of consciousness at present. I hope this introduction to the synergizing of all the services, crystals, Bone Generators® which I’ve kept back until now because I’ve been fully Edomizing Zion and destroying the Jews. I hope that has been of use to you. Thank you very much.

Transcript Synergy 2
SYNERGY 2, this is an informational mp3 just to advise you on your options if you wish to use the Psychotronic Generator® World Wide Grid as a Psychotronic Generator® Engine to suck out the lifeforce out of all living things and give it to yourself.  There are loads of options; Option 1: Allows you to take the lifeforce out of 1,000 people.  You can upgrade it; double up to take out the lifeforce out of 2,000 people.  We’ve another option where you can send a1,000 souls to hell.  We know that all the so-called media people; movie stars have to sell their soul to Satan to get along and prosper in the Zionist movie world/tv world.  I was talking to my friend Jeff Rense who explained to me; that they have done investigations and found out that virtually all the movie stars, tv stars, etc. publically disclose on their social media networks or infer that they’ve sold their souls to Satan in order to get on, this is the Faustian Pack which comes from Goethe.  For you under 40 Zombie-oids, that’s an old book where an occultist sells his soul to supernatural spirits in order to gain temporal power.  This of course is the basis of the church of Lucifer or the Lucis Trust which is the religion of the U.N., Rothschilds and since the soul lasts much longer than the human body, it’s basically the thing of most value to the supernatural spirits that walked into the Royal Family/Rothschilds and control the West.

With this, you can actually sell a 1,000 souls of your choice, double up if you wish, if you pay double; to send them to Omega Hells, Omega Hells on Earth, put them into torture bottles, vivisecting their souls and gain the soul energy which is the most valuable commodity in the Western World and is the thing that the Rothschilds, Royal family most crave.  And that’s why the wanted to bring in WWIII and bring in the church of Lucifer because they wanted to force the human race to sign a Faustian contract at birth, which of course they tried with British Maritime Law, but there, if you don’t agree with it, the contract is abrogated.  We’ve also got options on; where you can actually upload pictures of your crystals to empower them using the Psychotronic Generator® Computer Network.

Another option where you can upload your Certificates so that your Bone Generators can be linked up with the World Wide Psychotronic Generator® Computer Network in order to use the system, you can simply upload the pictures as enabled on the website and if you’re building the Mind Over Matter® torsion field Psychotronic Generator® quantum mechanical master circuit which is described on Mind Over Matter® and Psychotronic Generators®.  The crystal connected to the negative pile and positive pile of Bone Generator Certificates.  You can actually upload this package as a picture to the Psychotronic Generator® Network as a Crystal on the Crystal files and as Certificate Bone Generator file; this then redoubles it so that if anyone tries to erase or counter your quantum mechanical engine, it automatically reboots from the Bone Generator or the Psychotronic Crystal copy; so having it up twice redoubles it.  Now you’ve got all these options which you can pay $750 per Option, and $750 to upgrade, or if you want to become a super user of the system, you can simply wire us $2,500 which then enables you to use all the options on the Service for the year and automatically doubles you up.

This of course it tremendous discount from buying them separately and then having to double them up.  And of course, the $2,500 can be added to; so if you bought $750 service and wish to get all the services which will be going onto the website; Option 1, Option 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 etc.  You wish to upload your quantum mechanical engine onto the Psychotronic Generator® Computer Network; so it’s run on the whole internet, run in the earths crust, on the wetware; then you can simply buy Option 5 or 6 for Crystals or Bone Generator Certificates and stick the picture up.  But if you want to have the whole Super User Package, then you can send us the $2,500 and become a Super User customer.  This of course is at the company’s discretion and can you contact the info at if you need any advice, Thank You.